Multi-point Thermocouple/RTD

Alga Processing LLC is an oil and gas processing consulting and equipment company

We understand every thermometry is customized to a particular application, equipment and environment.
Thermocouple and RTD can be utilized to fulfill very vast demand of hydrocarbon industry along with its intrinsic area classification and certification requirements.

Alga Processing LLC is committed to provide oil and gas industry with proven
technology and combining our expertise to help customers successfully run their projects in upstream, downstream and midstream sectors.

Thermometry instrument is one of the most important element in hydrocarbon industry. Its miniscule size does not compare to the significant role on orchestra of oil and gas chemical processing.

Zone 0, Zone 1, Zone 2
Class I Div.1, Class I Div.2
Class II Div.1, Class II Div.2
IEC, NEC, ATEX and more.

AlgaProcessing LLC thermometry solutions include product variation of thermocouple and RTD with different materials including but not limited to carbon steel, stainless steel, incoloy, monel, stellite, titanium, ceramic and more.

Customizable Parts
Protection head
Terminal block

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Multi-point Thermocouple/RTD Construction

Our multipoint consist of two or more thermocouples or RTD in a single assembly. These assemblies are used in vessels. When temperature readings at various points are required, and individual thermocouples assemblies are too costly or difficult to install we offer individual reading on each point.

Our experienced engineers are available to assist in your selection and design.

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Some of our clients include:

Chevron, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, shell, Total and more.

Some projects include:

Gas plant jackup, Petrobrazi Expansion, Lake Charles Expansion, Anacortes and more.

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