Social Responsibility

Kasih Agape School in Waingapu, Sumba

We were able to be a part of first national plus school in Sumba island. The founder Mr. Simson Tanto (oil and gas businessman) and Mr. Simon Tanto (dean of well know schools in Indonesia like Petra) are both successful people in Java and native Waingapu, East Sumba. The nephew and uncle in unison surfaced the desire to look back where they come from and would like to do something to bless it. They opened the school seven years ago with priority of education for the children instead of profit and have never been able to supply enough chair for the annual demand. The school requires speaking in English as main interaction, and the teaching of being green is another unorthodox approach to Indonesian traditional curriculum.

Kasih Agape Shool
Kasih Agape Shool panaromic view while lessons are in session.

Sumba is an undeveloped island in southeast Indonesia. Its beauty speaks for itself that it has not been explored by the outsiders. Untouched. Out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind. Ten times bigger than New York city, Sumba island does not have a movie theater neither does it have a shopping mall. Chicken is flown in. Propane is supplied below cost by the government. Secondary needs like electronics and clothing are purchased from Java island; five to seven hour flight journey.

Our managing director introducing himself to mother nature.
Beautiful Sumba beach. Our managing director introduces himself to mother nature.

Alga Processing LLC believes in investing in the children, for the children is the future. Education is power and empowering these children means stronger future for them. We congratulate Kasih Agape School for its existence, persistence and prestige. May the rank of #1 school in Sumba belongs to the students forever.

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