3 Specifics You Need to List on Your Resume

Updated: Jun 29

As I am trying to find the right candidate for a job opportunity, there are hundreds of applicants that respond to the job postings. Who should I choose? Who should I call ? Who should I pass?

If you apply for a job, keep in mind there are millions of people now looking for the job that they lost during COVID-19 and the oil-gas downturn. Everybody is looking for a job to pay for their bills and to keep their career from being stagnant. Will your resume get some attention?

Recruiters are looking for the right candidates according to the job description, requirement and experience of the industry. The first twenty five resumes are the easiest ones that will be read word by word, but after those reading, the eyes are strained and resume will be skimmed.

To lessen the likelihood to pass on your resume, be sure to put an effort to list specifics of what they are expecting to be in your resume. Here are the three specifics you should have on your curriculum vitae:

1. Experience

If you are in the right industry and you are the right fit, be specific in what you know. If you are in construction, be sure to list keywords such as foundation, civil, structure, piping, electrical, sewer and roofing. If you are in accounting, write down Financial Analysis, Revenue Recognition, EBITDA and Cash Flow management. When recruiters glance at these words, they stay to read some more.

2. Job Description

If the posting is seeking someone in sales, do not put that down on vague terms that you help foster relations, conducted budgeting and penetrate market. Explain how you have been finding hot prospects. How you sell the company products and offerings. List out the revenue that you usually bring on a quarterly segment. Elaborate how you perform your sales sparkle on daily basis.

3. Requirement

If they need someone with design capability, that is a broad field to cover. Therefore, explain in your resume what kind of designer you are. Adobe Illustrator, Vectorworks, AutoCAD 3D and Corel VideoStudio are software that describes who you are. Be detailed even more what you have created using the software whether it is a rocket, an automobile, a refinery or an animation.

Recruiters can make mistakes too. Instead of inviting the fittest candidates, they could be inviting the ones whose specifics are found in the resume albeit only one or two keywords.

Writing a resume can be tiresome, but if it is worth you are getting out of the house and being paid on a biweekly period, do yourself a favor and make that effort. The more specifics are found in your resume, the higher the likeliness that it will be picked from the stack. The more chances you have of getting that call. Good luck.

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