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4 Ways of How to Win Jobs by Processing Proper Proposal

Request for proposal

Make it personal to win jobs

1. Make it personal to win jobs

When you receive an RFQ (request for a quote), RFP (request for a proposal) or ITB (invitation to bid), this should turn on the light bulb of excitement. Your salary depends on the amount of money the company makes. The revenue comes from executing jobs, and projects come from winning bids. Busy is always good to business development clusters.

Get all the clarity you need

2. Get all the clarity you need

Sending out proposals as the way you see it, is not a healthy way of spending your time. Your customers know exactly what they need. Some words can get misinterpreted in writing versus what was in mind. Always take the time to get the clarity of the bid. Rarely bid comes with 100% precision of the scope of work, supply and delivery required. Avoid making assumptions because this reduces your chances of being short listed in the bidding process.

Ask for deadline and explain

3. Ask for deadline and explain

Most industrial quotes need a minimum of 2 weeks for process time. As such you get the time to do your calculations and verify your resource availability at once. Although 2 weeks is an ideal time for a quote to be prepared, you are not living in a perfect world. Many times you will be challenged with 1 week or 3 day time to submit your proposal. Explain to your customer that if you do not have enough time, you do not have time to check with your resources (engineers, shops and suppliers), and this bid will not be at 100% firm price level. It might be a budgetary with ± 5, 10 or 20% depending on the comfortable pricing you obtain during the time allotted.

Do not leave RFQ unanswered

4. Do not leave RFQ unanswered

It is very easy to get discouraged when things are not going your way. The time to provide a proposal is less than 2 weeks, or your vendors are not getting back with the price you need. Whatever the case might be, do not leave an RFQ unanswered. You miss 100% shot you do not take. Always submit a proposal. You would not believe how many companies do not get the job, not because they do not have what it takes to do it, because they do not turn in their bids. And, those companies who turn in the bids get a shot of receiving a PO award.

Turning in bids do not necessarily guarantee you to get the job. However, there are steps you can follow to boost the chances of you winning the job if you treat the proposal at heart. Satisfy your customer by catering to their exact needs. Call them. Talk to them. Show them that you care, and you know your products. Keep in mind that customers in any industry demands the customer service. Be there for them when they need you, and they will keep you in their preferred list.

If there is anything we can do to help you improve your business, contact us for a customized solution.

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