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Corona Virus Tornado

Corona virus

hits the world universally starting in January 2020. It is a pandemic that can only be stopped by reducing its hosts from spreading them place to place.


This proactive approach is taking measure as there is no cure yet for the phenomenon. It is to minimize inter-country human migration, so virus does not spread to new countries. That measure however was not sufficient that quarantine needed to take a more serious measure through the local level. As such, large meetups such as landmarks, house of worships and schools are closed.

Unfortunately, income streams are heavily affected by this virus mitigation. Consumers, customers, businesses and employees are all experiencing the economic downturn. Coupled with oil-gas price war, the world economy is devastated as well.

This corona virus is hitting the world like one monstrous tornado - CoroNado.

That is enough negativity for the day. Here is why we should keep our heads up.

Though the tangibles might be gone, it is all to save our souls.

Be cognizant of being clean. Do not touch anything unclean. If in doubt, wash hands or sanitize thoroughly per CDC's recommendation.

Keep a safe distant of six feet from others.

Do not touch face as it is virus point of entry.

Eat healthy and adequately.

Sleep properly to allow body get enough rest.

What can you do about work?

Work wise. There are a lot can be done remotely. Opportunely, today's world is ready for remote works.

Use computer, tablet, smartphones to work when away from the office.

Arrange teleconference or video conference to keep team and customer spirit up.

Away from office does not mean away from work. Sometimes less distraction means more productivity.

If you are a business owner, boost your online presence. Allow customer to browse your product online, and possibly buy your products from the internet.

You are not alone. We are in this together.

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