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How Taking Time to Think Can Improve Your Life

You can almost guarantee if you rush out the door, you are leaving something important behind.

Remember when you are late to a dinner invitation, and you are hurrying to get your family ready. Grab some appropriate clothes. Steam them. Put them on. And, off you go to the car. After five minutes of driving, you realize you do not have your wallet with you.

Why is it? Alzheimer? Dementia? Not at all. It is the way our mind works.

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Our body can detect a sense of urgency, and when it does, it programs the mind to give it undivided attention to ensure your goal is achieved. In the case of being late to a dinner party, your brain is focused on getting you and your family out the door. There is no other accomplishment is more important than leaving the house in a car. In other words, pocketing your wallet, grabbing a diet coke or bringing the party gift is not in the program of your mind.

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Setting aside time to think is allowing your mind to work broadly in wider horizon and with less limitations.

Make an appointment with yourself for 15 to 30 minutes everyday. Use this time to setup your day. What will you have to do today? How will they be done? Who needs to get involved? What information do you need to pass on to these people?

If you have a big project to accomplish, do the same. Think to plan of what has to be done in the entire project. What is the end goal? Start from the end to the beginning. Write them down. Organize them by sequence.

Many projects fail due to lack of time.

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Time is the only resource that cannot be made up. It takes 30 minutes to bake a cake. It takes nine months to have a baby. It takes an hour by doing something anything productive to improve your life.

When you have a project in your hand, set aside your time for it. Something about project or anything you do, if you give it time, it will give you time.

Something about project ... if you give it time, it will give you time.

Many failures in projects whether it is proposal, engineering, programming or even construction, it is because of missed known items. It is simply because there was not enough time to think about it. If you give it time, you are catalyzing wholesomeness of process to take place naturally. Time allows you to cover A through Z while uncovering blind spots and potential oops.

Give it a try. Give yourself an extra time each day. Think of your scope of works. Think of what has to be done. Think of who will support you to do it. Think of how you can manage with time successfully.

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