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Project Implementation and Execution

Project Implementation and Execution

Hands-on management of projects from inception to completion, ensuring that all tasks are carried out as per the project plan.  During the Project Implementation and Execution phase, the project plan that was developed during the planning phase is put into action.


This is the stage where the actual work of the project takes place, and the project team carries out the activities outlined in the project plan. The primary focus of this phase is to complete the project deliverables, meet the project objectives, and achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Managing resources: The project manager is responsible for ensuring that the necessary resources, including human resources, materials, equipment, and budget, are available and effectively utilized throughout the project. 

  • Performing the work: The project team performs the tasks and activities defined in the project plan. They collaborate to execute the project according to the defined schedule and scope. 

  • Monitoring and controlling: Throughout the implementation phase, the project manager and the team continuously monitor project performance against the plan. They identify and address deviations, risks, and issues to keep the project on track. 

  • Managing stakeholders: Stakeholder engagement continues during this phase, and the project team ensures that stakeholders are informed about project progress and any relevant changes. 

  • Deliverable completion: The project team produces and delivers the project's intermediate and final deliverables as specified in the project plan. 

  • Quality assurance: Ensuring that the project work meets the quality standards and requirements defined in the project plan and taking corrective actions if necessary. 

  • Change management: Handling any changes to the project scope or other aspects that arise during execution, following the approved change control processes. 

  • Progress reporting: Providing regular status updates to stakeholders, including progress, accomplishments, issues, and risks. 

Overall, the Project Implementation and Execution phase is about turning plans into actions and making steady progress towards completing the project successfully. Effective execution is critical to achieving project objectives and meeting stakeholder expectations. 

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