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Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management

Helps the organization prioritize projects and investments that align with their strategic objectives, balancing the demands of resources, risks, and returns. ​


Portfolio management is a higher level of management that involves making strategic decisions about which projects and programs to undertake and how to prioritize and allocate resources across them to achieve the organization's overall business goals. 

  • Strategic Alignment: The primary objective of portfolio management is to ensure that the organization's projects and programs are aligned with its strategic objectives and contribute to its long-term success. 

  • Prioritization and Selection: Portfolio managers evaluate and select the right mix of projects and programs that best align with the organization's strategic goals and deliver the most significant value. 

  • Resource Allocation: Portfolio management involves allocating resources, such as budget, personnel, equipment, and time, to projects and programs in a way that optimizes the organization's overall performance and maximizes the return on investment. 

  • Risk Management: Portfolio managers assess and manage risks across the portfolio to minimize potential negative impacts and enhance the likelihood of achieving strategic objectives. 

  • Governance: Effective portfolio management requires a governance structure that provides oversight, decision-making authority, and accountability. This ensures that projects and programs are aligned with strategic priorities and are delivering the expected value. 

  • Performance Monitoring: Portfolio managers monitor the performance of projects and programs within the portfolio to ensure they are on track to achieve their objectives and provide value to the organization. 

  • Continuous Improvement: Portfolio management involves ongoing evaluation and adjustments to optimize the portfolio's alignment with the organization's strategic goals and changing business environment. 

  • Balancing the Portfolio: Portfolio managers seek to balance the portfolio by considering factors such as risk, return on investment, resource constraints, and strategic alignment. 

By adopting portfolio management practices, organizations can gain a holistic view of their project and program landscape, better align their initiatives with strategic objectives, and make well-informed decisions about resource allocation and project priorities.


It enables organizations to effectively manage their project investments, reduce redundancy and waste, and achieve their business objectives in a systematic and efficient manner. 

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